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The Copper Kid

About Me

TCK is Kyle Majewski’s art page with a positive spin. Like and share the posts to spread the positive messages and inspiration to all your friends.

Sunrise Road

How I Started Creating

 I found my first piece of wire while on a run.  It was a piece of industrial electric cable that I assume was discarded by the electric company and forgotten.  I carried it home over a mile and it sat in the barn for a few months.  After a while I was interested about what was inside of it.  From there it was history.  My first pieces reflected the emotions that I was feeling and my style has stayed consistent but has evolved from just people to anything that I can think of.  It's a fun hobby for me that de-stresses me.  I love how my sculptures have the potential to make people's days.  I have given away about half of pieces I that I have made and each new owner incorporated their own creativity and ideas into my piece.  Things happen in life, sculptures fall off of shelves and they get bent.  I love seeing the new life that my creations take on when they leave my hands.  

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